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Sammi Cheng recently took to social media to reveal that her and husband Andy Hui’s 15-year-old dog Lucky has recently died.

On 7 October, the Cantopop star shared the news with a photo of her said dog that she regarded like her own child, saying that Lucky has passed away peacefully at home earlier this month and has already been cremated.

“Lucky had a compassionate heart, as if it was necessary for her to wait for me to finish my work in September before officially saying goodbye to us. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell everyone right away. I need some space to adapt to the fact of Lucky’s passing and to complete the cremation quietly,” she wrote.

She also posted her thoughts about her dog’s death – saying that Lucky’s death reminds her of the meaning of life. 

“After Lucky left, I didn’t tell anyone that there was an indescribable sadness and loss in my heart just after it happened. Being mentally prepared that she will leave one day does not mean that it can reduce the pain of the separation. Now that I have accepted it, I will think with optimism that Lucky is now free and no longer tortured by illness. I am very happy and comforted for her liberation and the fifteen years of happiness.”

She also admitted that there was a silver lining to the pandemic, as she was able to spend time with Lucky and take care of her to the point that she and Andy have no regrets.

“No matter how great a person is, life and death cannot be controlled. Time to live, time to die, time to laugh, time to cry. The Bible says: All things have time. I firmly believe that everything in the world has its timing… Heavenly Father has given us and Lucky the best fifteen years. There is only gratitude in my heart. Thinking of two years ago, we cremated our elderly cat Coco in the estate in this funeral company. Coco and Lucky are friends of each other. At this moment, Coco is probably standing by the Rainbow Bridge to welcome Lucky,” she added.

As for Andy, he also left a message on social media, writing, “Lucky, I love you, thank you.”

(Photo Source: HK01)