“Can anyone hear me, can anyone see me, I’m reaching out but there’s no one
around,” Jason Yu soulfully croons in his brand-new single, “Anyone”.

“Try as I may, sometimes it just feels like I’ll never be truly
understood,” the Singapore-based singer explains in a press statement, adding
that through the song, he was able to dive into his struggles of self-worth,
while navigating through life trying to find a sense of belonging and purpose.

He also wants anyone listening to, well, “Anyone”, to know that no one is

“However depressing the narrative of the song might seem, my intention with
“Anyone” is to let those who are listening know that no one is alone in this,
that we are all looking for that person, a friend, a lover, who truly
understands us. 

“Beyond wallowing in our self-pity, I hope the acknowledgement of my own
vulnerabilities would provide comfort to those that are fighting their own
demons, because they will know that at least they’re not alone,” Yu remarks.

The song, which is the third single off Yu’s upcoming EP, is now available
online at https://backl.ink/142866194

Fans can also check out the lyric video on Yu’s YouTube channel
(https://www.youtube.com/user/JasonYuuu) once the singer releases it today at