Current conditions doesn’t exactly allow for travelling anywhere, but once the worse is over and the nation can once again freely visit other states for a short getaway or two, Sabah is one of the best destinations for those looking for some peace and tranquility. (Seriously, don’t go now though, wait until the curve is flattened, it will take a while but it’ll be worth the wait.) 

We previously brought to you a list of lesser-known islands you can visit in Sabah. This time we’re going to highlight some beautiful photos that can be the inspiration for your next trip’s journal entry or Instagram post!

Tun Sakaran Marine Park, or the Semporna Islands Park, is not the most hospitable place right now but, the pandemic aside, its unmarred beauty is truly inspiring. (Photo source: Tourism Malaysia)
…and truly tranquil, that’s Tun Sakaran Marine Park. (Photo source: live Openly)
While diving at Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, take a beautiful half-submersed photo like this! (Photo source: Tourism Malaysia)
How about a little snorkelling at Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park? (Photo source: @missvaly)
Or try the Coral Flyer Zipline from Pulau Sapi to Pulau Gaya.  (Photo source: G Woolley |
Here’s something fun for the whole family – sea walking! (Photo source: Sabah Tourism |
How about some self-love time with just a lone turtle as your buddy? (Photo source: Daniel Douglas Bin Mohamad Douglas |
Alternatively, you can party with the fishes! (Photo source: Daniel Douglas Bin Mohamad Douglas |
Make your trip more memorable with couple shots like this. (Photo source: Luke Simon Morris |
Tun Sakaran Marine Park is truly calming. (Photo source: Tourism Malaysia)

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