It’s been five years since Sabah was unexpectedly rocked by a 6.9 magnitude
earthquake, forever changing some parts of the Bornean state’s landscape,
including its majestic Mount Kinabalu. With a height of 13,435 ft (or 4,095
metres) above sea level, it remains the highest mountain in Malaysia but its
façade has changed quite drastically since – the Donkey Ear’s Peak was heavily
damaged and to this day, “bald spots” (places where landslides had uprooted
the vegetations) could still be seen. 

But we’re not here to dampen your mood. No, let’s take a look at the
photos below to remember what makes this mountain truly a wonder to behold and
why it should really go on your list of mountains to conquer.

1 1
Have you ever taken a close look at your RM100 bill? (Assuming you’ve
held one in the past few months.)
You’ll immediately notice Mount
Kinabalu on it. (Photo source: @2aidulkhair)
2 1
In this current economy, this is more our speed. We definitely notice
Mount Kinabalu here because we may or may have not been
spending long
hours staring at our RM1 Notes, wishing they’d magically multiply by a
hundred. (Photo source: @2aidulkhair)
Cantik bah the majestic yet calming view of Mount Kinabalu
from Tuaran (Photo source: @lfm999)
4 1
Mount Kinabalu wins Mr. Photogenic hands down. No matter which angle
you shoot it from,
the mountain is a pleasure to look at. (Photo
source: @hazwankamisin)
The steps at the Ranau trail do help make the climb easier but still,

 make sure to wear proper footwear! (Photo source: @jasongan318)
6 1
The Kota Belud trail is the shorter but more challenging of the two
trails. However, the view along the way
is definitely worth the climb.
(Photo source: @melissasulaiman)
7 1
When Mount Kinabalu is crowned by an interesting cloud formation like
that, you simply
must take a photo of it – or with it, even better.
(Photo source:
Fun fact: you can stack your own rock towers while you’re up there.

 Why? Just ‘cause. (Photo source: @miemah_aurelio)
9 1
Persevere, and you’ll get this kind of photo that you can proudly get
blown up
and turned into your own personal motivational poster. (Photo
source: @lonewolfjof)
10 1
A sunrise worth waking up for. Even if it means having to leave the
comfort of your bed in the middle of the night to
begin your climb to
the summit and make it there in time to catch the breath-taking
sunrise. (Photo source: @candy_yik)

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(Photo source: CS Photography)