If you’ve had fun playing with the custom IG filter for “Better” and singing your heart out to “Alone”, you’ll absolutely adore Dominic Chin’s debut EP, “License to Cry”.

The Singaporean pop artiste has finally released the long-awaited album today via Umami Records.

Containing a total of 7 tracks, the EP serves as “an extension” of the 24-year-old singer-songwriter/producer, documenting the early stages of self-discovery in his life.

“It was always difficult for me to verbalise my feelings growing up because I didn’t ever want to give myself away and reveal my vulnerability to others. I feared that they would judge me or find me a burden, and so this album is in a way, me talking about what I didn’t want to talk about,” he said.

“In the process of making the songs, we always made it a point to make the song not sound too much as what it would lyrically seem to be. 

“For example, HERE is a mid-tempo and “springy” type of song, but it talks about me missing my late grandmother. SHY is a high energy EDM song, but it talks about my paranoia and insomnia,” he added, saying that the recording process was therapeutic for him as it allowed him to confront some of the personal traumas in his life.

The EP’s focus track, “Cry”, is an R&B track with a bit of a late 1990s pop vibe that delivers the message it’s OK to cry, even as you’re told to “man up.”

Chin explains, “It’s about being yourself and breaking free of the fear and shame from having to conform to others’ silly expectations and rules.”

The track list for “License to Cry” is as below:
1. SHY
3. CRY

Take a listen to all seven songs right here: