As everyone on this planet already knows, beautiful Thailand is famous for its world-renowned islands and the best part; there’s no shortage of them! But with so many to choose from, how does one pick which island to visit next?

Here we’ve diligently done our research and picked the top 8 islands in Thailand you must visit in this lifetime, so read away to find what you can expect from each and every one of them!

Koh Samui For resort living and honeymooners

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For those looking to splurge on a more upscale Thai island holiday, Koh Samui has some of the best resorts and spas in Thailand. There are beach clubs like SEEN Beach Club and Samui Potato Beach Club, and even Michelin-starred restaurants like Chez Francois. Koh Samui is definitely ideal for honeymooners and families that want a beautiful island experience without the hustle and bustle of a rowdy island scene. 

Koh Pha Ngan For the Full Moon Beach party

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To put it simply, Koh Pha Ngan is THE island to indulge in everything debauchery. The island is known for its constant party scene and it doesn’t just stop with the infamous Full Moon Parties, but there are also the Half Moon Parties, Black Moon Parties, Jungle Parties and more. Thousands of mostly young backpacker tourists flock to this island and party the night away with cheap booze that comes by the buckets and everything else the mischievous night entails. 

Koh Tao For a backpackers’ paradise and scuba diving

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This backpacker haven is for those looking for a slightly cheaper Thai island experience as they travel over mostly for all sorts of diving tours and to get their PADI or Open Water certification. It also has Full Moon Parties, but it is also again; slightly more laid back than Koh Pha Ngan. The island is also popular for its look-out point that gives you a great aerial view of the island that when observed with imaginative eyes, looks like a turtle. 

Phi Phi islands For New Year’s Eve and beach parties

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Perfect for solo travelers or groups of friends, this tiny island is the hottest destination for parties especially the New Year’s Eve countdown where the entire beach will be filled with young tourists, endless fire stunts, booze bucket stalls and a big blazing fire display to mark the new year. 

Koh Lipe For a lite and easy version of a party island

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About an hour away by ferry from Malaysia’s Langkawi island, Koh Lipe is a tiny island resembling Phi Phi, but unlike the party island, is way more relaxed and untouched. It has fewer tourists and a handful of bars and restaurants that can all be explored on foot. There are two popular beaches, Pattaya Beach that houses some of the island’s bars, and Sunset Beach which is quieter and is perfect to sunset watch. 

Koh Yao Yai For a relaxing sleepy stay

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This fishing village island is perfect for those who are just wanting to get away for some down time without any fuss. Don’t expect any bars, clubs, or shopping streets, in fact, do expect the natural beauty of the island to charm its way into your heart as you enjoy fresh seafood meals at humble street side stalls and deserted crystal clear blue beaches. 

Koh Lanta For a more private island experience

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Just a short journey away from Krabi, Koh Lanta is actually a number of small islands with each boosting its own attraction and about a handful of tourists. Look forward to all the usual Thai fare like massages, great food, beach bars and diving spots as it is the perfect spot for families with children or even backpackers.  

Koh Si Chang For a quick beach fix after Bangkok

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Tired and weary after all that shopping in Bangkok? Why not make a quick trip to Koh Si Chang? With only 2 hours away by boat from the city, enjoy wonderful sunsets, fresh seafood, temples and more. It is a favourite spot for locals in the city looking for a quick weekend trip, so if you are looking for a less crowded beach be mindful of the weekends and public holidays.