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With the current pandemic situation around the globe, it
seems that it has resulted in many ‘home chefs’ with a newfound or renewed
interest in cooking.

Be it a beginner or an intermediate cook, thanks to YouTube
there is no shortage of cooking tutorials for anyone to pick up the spatula and
hit the stove!

There is a never-ending list of recipes to learn, especially
in Malaysia that is home to many culinary delicacies from various cultures that
exist in the nation.

While Sugu Pavithra may currently be on the edge of everyone
lips when it comes to YouTube cooking channels to follow, we thought to let our
readers know of these other Malaysian cooking channels that are just as worthy
of your time to learn a dish or few!

Seminit Resepi
Subscribers: 262k 

While viewers can expect to see Cik Ain cook local dishes like Laksa Johor and Nasi Bukhari Kambing, learn how to also make the occasional Japanese and Korean delicacies like Japanese Sponge Cake and ASMR Ramyeon. Also check out her very interesting Cloud Bread recipe that’s currently viral on TikTok.

El Mundo Eats
Subscribers: 590k

This is an interesting channel to follow if you want to learn baking many types of cakes, breads and pastries! It is run by Bea and Marco, a foodie couple of Malaysian and Argentinian descent that’s living in Spain. They even have a website for you to browse and print out the recipes; www.elmundoeats.com  

Cooking Ah Pa
Subscribers: 156k

This humble YouTube channel states that it is not merely to teach its subscribers to cook, but also to inspire them with its videos. Among the dishes listed are Roast Pork Noodles, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Ipoh Hor Fun and even tips on how to tenderise pork chops with baking soda.

Buat Orang Lapo
Subscribers: 554k

The motto of Buat Orang Lapo’s channel is to make recipes that look hard easy to follow. Just like its name, among the recipes you can find on the channel are Apam Balik, Nasi Goreng Nanas and Kerabu Ulam. Its Agar-Agar Roti video has got over 4 million views! 

Kathrine Kwa
Subscribers: 663k 

A well-known name on social media when it comes to baked goods recipes, Kathrine Kwa’s channel has countless of videos to choose from. Durian Burnt Cheesecake, Steamed Chicken Floss Cake and local kueh’s like Kuih Seri Muka, Kuih Talam Labu and more!