Scotland beauty Lisa Tse wins Miss Hong Kong 2020, celeb asia, lisa tse, theHive.Asia

Scotland-based beauty Lisa Tse was recently named the new Miss Hong Kong for the year 2020.

As reported on Mingpao, the 25-year-old OB-GYN nurse bested other contenders including Celina Harto and Rosita Kwok – who both ended up winning the first and second runner-up respectively. 

Lisa was also honoured with Miss Photogenic title, while Miss Friendship was won by Maisie Kwong.

Speaking to the media after her win, Lisa – who is not as fluent in Cantonese as her fellow pageant competitors, stated that she plans to study hard on improving her Chinese proficiency so that she can join showbiz.

Asked if she will return to Scotland, Lisa stated that she will stay in Hong Kong with her mother, while her father will return.

As to whether her dream had come true by winning the pageant, Lisa admitted that it was her father who cultivated her to become a beauty queen since she was young and that winning the title was a surprise to her.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)