Da Nang is one of the biggest and more advanced cities in southern Vietnam. It is well known for its combination of amazing manmade structures and tranquil natural beauty comprising mountains, forests, and beaches as far as the eyes can see.

It may have slipped under the radar for many since most tourists tend to focus on more popular cities like Ho Chi Minh and Ha Long Bay.

For tourists looking for a vacation that’s filled with exciting activities, Da Nang is the best destination for you! Let’s take a look at a few must-visit places if you’re planning a visit there in the future. (Alternatively, you can always hit up the equally beautiful Da Lat).

Marble Mountains

(Photo source: asianwaytravel.com)

Aside from visiting the Buddhist pagoda and amazing caves like the Huyen Khong Cave at Marble Mountains, challenge yourself to scale the highest peak of the mountains that are known as the ‘mountains of 5 elements’.

Dong Dinh Museum

(Photo source: traveldanang.org)

Nestled amongst the natural beauty of the Son Tra Nature Reserve is the Dong Dinh Museum, which showcases Vietnamese art and culture, including antique artifacts aged thousands of years old!

Ban Co Peak

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Ban Co Peak, or Chessboard Peak in English, is a tourist ‘hot spot’ when it comes to taking in the panoramic view of Da Nang while breathing in the fresh air at a height of nearly 700 meters above sea level.

Golden Bridge

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One of the magnificent structures in Da Nang is the Golden Bridge, located at Bà Nà Hills. Aside from boarding or driving land vehicles to the place, visitors can also opt to ride the Bà Nà Cable Car, which is the longest ‘single track’ non-stop cable car in the world!

My Khe Beach

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Those looking for peace can visit My Khe Beach, arguably the most beautiful beach in Vietnam. It’s an ideal vacation spot as hotels, resorts and world class restaurants line the beach, ready to welcome and rejuvenate weary travellers.

Thia Go Danang-style

(Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1_BWPDBmnk/ & indanang.vn/)

A trip to Da Nang is incomplete if you don’t give the traditional Vietnamese cuisines at the Thia Go Danang-style Restaurant (previously known as Thien Ly Danang-style) a go. The owners, Tung and Ly, dream of sharing their secret recipes with the world. To Muslim customers, don’t worry, because everything here is halal!

DHC Marina

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The three main attractions at DHC Marina are the Love Bridge (built based on the models of famous bridges around the world), the Statue of Carp Becoming a Dragon, and DHC Yacht (a five-storey luxury yacht with a Sky Bar).

Dragon Bridge

(Photo source: witatour.com)

Dragon Bridge is the longest bridge in Vietnam, built across the River Hàn. Don’t miss out on the city’s biggest show held every evening on the weekends, during which the golden dragon will “breathe” fire and water from its mouth!

Sun World Danang Wonders

(Photo source: twitter.com/coasterforce/status/985588497095503872) 

Get your adrenaline fix at the Sun World Danang Wonders (Asia Park) theme park, which promises an exciting world class experience! Some of the most popular rides at this park are the Golden Sky Tower, the Ferris Sun Wheel and the Queen Cobra roller coaster.

Con Market

(Photo source: bazantravel.com)

Your vacation is not complete without shopping, so don’t forget to stop by the biggest and busiest mall in Da Nang – Con Market, which is also known as Da Nang Commercial Centre.