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Good news for “BoBoiBoy” fans as it’s been confirmed that the third movie,
BoBoiBoy Movie 3“, is all set to be released in cinemas in 2022.

This was revealed by Animonsta Studios CEO Nizam Razak himself, who
also shared several updates on their new projects, including their latest
animated film “Mechamato Movie”.

“Initially, “BoBoiBoy Movie 3” was scheduled to be released in 2021 to
celebrate the 10th anniversary of “BoBoiBoy”, but it has been moved to 2022 to
make way for the “Mechamato” franchise in 2021.

“We are also planning to produce “BoBoiBoy Galaxy Special” to ensure there’s
something special for fans in conjunction with the 10th anniversary,” he

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“BoBoiBoy Galaxy Special” will be a special release for fans in
celebration of the 10th anniversary of “BoBoiBoy”.

Aside from that, “BoBoiBoy” will also release a new mini-series called
“Destinasi Terbaik” (The Best Destination), which aims to help the local
tourism industry that has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The
series is in the same vein as “Fly with Yaya”.

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Monsta will help boost the local tourism industry with “Destinasi

Monsta has also signed a deal with a major network to bring the “Mechamato”
series to the APAC region, including Japan and Korea, in 2021.

The new “Mechamato” series, set in a fictional city that is inspired by
Malacca, will revolve around technology as well as culture.

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Each Monsta animation will focus on introducing local culture to
international audiences.

This showcases Monsta‘s commitment in promoting the nation’s local culture to the world. 

The main characters in the series are Amato, MechaBot, Pian, Mara and Deep,
with Bula and Bili as supporting characters. 

(Photo source: Nizam Razak’s Facebook)