Alien Huang’s cause of death has been determined following his recent autopsy, with manager Dino saying it was caused by “blocked vessels due to aortic dissection”.

As reported on Mingpao, Dino, who spoke to the media at the singer’s memorial service, stated that there were no signs of his condition prior to his death, and that Huang was quite fit and even had regular check-ups which had noted no prior health problems.

Prior to Dino’s statement, a medical examiner simply put that Huang died of a heart attack, and that the singer passed away quickly and would not have been saved even if there was another person by his side at the time.

As for the singer’s funeral, Dino stated that they have yet to determine the date, but that it would be a low-key event reserved only for the family.

“Since his father has no specific religious belief, he does not plan to hold a special ceremony,” he said.

Dino also stated that Huang had been recording a new album prior to his passing and had completed half of them. His record label is planning to reveal the work in the future and that another memorial gathering will be held by them.

Huang’s body was discovered by his father last week at his home in Taipei. He was 36.

(Photo Source: Alien Huang Instagram)