After being locked out of her social media account by a hacker who wanted her to pay to get her account back, Yoyo Chen revealed that she finally regained her Instagram account nearly half a month later.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actress recently logged in her said account with a couple of new photos, and revealed that she had lost sleep for two nights after getting her Instagram hacked, getting it back, and losing it again soon after.

“And then I found that life is always about gains and losses. Everyone has different outlooks and values. What may be very important to one person, may be insignificant to others. So tell yourself to learn, to face the occurrence with a calm mind. You have to learn to see everything in a positive light – that without loss, you will not get the opportunity to start again,” she added.

Despite getting her account back, it is noted that Yoyo was unable to recover her previous posts and photos.

(Photo Source: Yoyo Chen Instagram)