Even though there are a few local film producers who are unwilling to take the risk to screen their movies at the moment, out of worry that the movies will not do well following the strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that must be enforced by cinemas, this is not the case with the producers of horror comedy “Takut Ke Tak”.

Directed by talented young director Muzzamer Rahman, his movie features a cast made up of fresh-faced newcomers.

Muzzamer has expressed his gratitude towards the production team who placed their faith in him in directing his second movie, which is his first to be screened in cinemas.

“Actually “Takut Ke Tak” is my second movie, but it is my first to be screened in cinemas since my first movie is not yet finished. When offered by Jazzy Pictures to helm this horror comedy, I didn’t think long before accepting it.

“In fact, I didn’t have to change the original script a lot because the storyline, to me, suits the current audiences’ taste. The movie is helmed by a young director and stars young actors.

“Each actor in this movie was not directly picked. They had to attend auditions and were selected because they were suitable to play the characters in the movie,” said the director during the premiere of “Takut Ke Tak” at GSC Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur yesterday evening.

Director Muzzamer Rahman is confident that his movie, “Takut Ke Tak”, will bring moviegoers back to cinemas.

 Muzzamer added that even though the main cast consists of newcomers, they were very committed in giving their best in acting, thus making his job as the director easy.

In fact, they also did rehearsals before going on set, resulting in the shooting schedule running smoothly without any problems.

“Takut Ke Tak” stars Nabil Aqil, Ika Nabella, Fabian Loo, Arwind Kumar, Han Zalini, Daniella Sya, Delimawati, Ropie and Sherry Aljeffri.

The movie follows five film students who are planning to shoot a movie at a haunted house. However, strange and creepy things begin happening to them there.

The Jazzy Pictures (M) Sdn Bhd movie will open in cinemas nationwide this 27 August.