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Chinese actress Sandra Ma, who previously admitted to be suffering from mental health problems, was recently spotted entering a psychiatric clinic for treatment.

As reported on Apple Daily, the “Soul Mate” star was recently photographed by paparazzi going into the facility alongside her assistant, looking very stressed out – sparking concern among her fans. She left a few hours later and was accompanied to the exit by one of the doctors.

However, she appeared on Jing Tian’s live show the next day and smiled for the camera – looking extremely different from how she was the day before.

In a previous interview, Sandra revealed that she had been battling depression for a while now due to work pressure and external factors, which caused her to suffer from insomnia and developed anxiety disorder.

On the onset of her anxiety, Sandra stated that she would lose her sight and have difficulty breathing. She also revealed to be taking medication to control her condition, which caused the side effects that include weight gain.

(Photo Source: Apple Daily)