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Animation production company Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd has set yet
another sensational phenomenon, as the new song “Goyang Upin & Ipin” from
its popular “Upin & Ipin” animated series is getting positive reception.
The difference featured by Les’ Copaque this time is
the rhythm and dance borrowed from neighbouring country Indonesia, namely
dangdut, since the animated series has long been part of the country’s market.
The music video for it, which was uploaded to the official Les’ Copaque
Channel on YouTube on 3 August, broke records when it was viewed for more than
a million times within just 24 hours.
At the time of writing, the roughly 5-minute long MV has reached more than 3
million views with more than 78,000 likes. Furthermore, the hashtag
#GoyangUpinIpin is now trending on social media.
However, there are a few Malaysia netizens that question Les’ Copaque’s
decision to feature another country’s culture instead of featuring Malaysia’s
abundance of various traditional music.
“Dear Les’ Copaque, my kids and I really like “Upin & Ipin”. We love all
the traditional and cultural elements that are included in it. But this is not
appropriate. This is a Nusantara style of ‘bergelek’ (dancing with body
rolling movements).
“The show shouldn’t be teaching kids how to ‘bergelek’. Showcasing Indonesian
culture is good, but not dangdut,” a Twitter user posted.
Despite that, there are also many that take a more positive view on it and
think of it as Les’ Copaque’s strategy to maintain and strengthen the animated
series’ presence in Indonesia.