After dropping their first brand-new original single in years back in June,
now An Honest Mistake is treating their fans to the remixed versions of the

“I Don’t Give A Damn”, stylised as “#IDGAD”, will be getting three

The first remix, called “I Don’t Give A Damn (Karazey Remix)”, will be
released this Friday, 28 August.

As evident from the title, the remix is done by Karazey, a 17-year-old
producer who hails from Kajang. The self-taught producer was discovered by An
Honest Mistake lead singer Darren Teh while scrolling through Spotify.

The Karazey remix starts off with a dark sinister sounding synth that evolves
into a heavy thumping bass groove akin to any progressive house tune creating
‘tension’ for the listeners. 

Towards the bridge of the song, the mood switches to an uplifting and euphoric
atmosphere as a ‘release’ while it ends with a resounding crowd chant. The
track takes listeners through a 3-minute ride on an auricular rollercoaster of

“I Don’t Give A Damn (80s Remix)” will be released on 11 September,

 while “I Don’t Give A Damn (DJ Yang2 Remix)” is releasing on 25

Next month, the remaining two of the three-part series of remixes will be
released, starting with “I Don’t Give A Damn (80s Remix)”. 

Releasing on 11 September, the remix is reproduced at home by Darren himself,
having been inspired by ‘80s spoof remixes of popular songs like My Chemical
Romance’s “Helena” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”.

Last but not least is “I Don’t Give A Damn (DJ Yang2 Remix)”, set to be
released on 25 September. A music video will accompany the song, which is a
dubstep remix – with an Asian touch – by local turntablist and producer, DJ

The original “I Don’t Give A Damn” was released on 5 June 2020, An Honest
Mistake’s first original single since 2016.