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Although Aaron Kwok made no comments about the controversy surrounding Moka Fang, his recent online activity seemed to prove that he is in support of his wife.

As reported on Mingpao, Moka recently posted photos of the whole family celebrating her birthday, including one where Aaron could be seen embracing her and joining their hands together to make a love sign.

He also left a comment that read, “I wish my wife good health and happiness.”

In addition, eagle-eyed netizens noted that Aaron also liked nine posts made by his wife online in the span of six hours. 

On the other hand, Moka was revealed to have deleted the first photo she and Aaron shared on social media in 2015 where they first publicly confirmed their relationship.

Last week, the Chinese model was dragged into a scandal involving Wilber Pan’s wife Luna Xuan, after netizens speculated that both of them had attended a special ‘training camp’ in the past held by a woman named Amy, which specialises in training young girls to find wealthy husbands.

(Photo source: Mingpao)