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Fans who are unable to watch “Syif Malam Raya“, “Ada Apa Dengan Dosa” and “Town Mall” due to having no subscription to satellite television Astro will soon have the chance of watching them in cinemas instead.
Previously, all three movies premiered on the on-demand channel Astro First, following the COVID-19 pandemic-caused enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in the nation since last March.
However, after the local government allowed cinemas to resume operations, Astro Shaw is showing its full support to film exhibitors by releasing the abovementioned movies in cinemas.
The first local film that will be screened in cinemas this year will be “Syif Malam Raya”, which will open this 30 July, followed by “Ada Apa Dengan Dosa” on 10 September and “Town Mall” on 1 October.
“When the government announced the reopening of cinemas on 1 July, it was of course great news. Astro Shaw lauds the reopening of cinemas as a boost to stimulate a more vibrant recovery for the local film industry following the COVID-19 pandemic.
“These films varied in genres, and were enjoyed by many customers thus successfully raking in some of the highest collections on Astro First. We are confident more Malaysians will enjoy the comedic horror in ‘Syif Malam Raya’, heart wrenching scenes in ‘Ada Apa Dengan Dosa ‘and horror inspired by true stories in ‘Town Mall’, on big screens.
“Therefore, we would like to give audiences the chance to experience a different perspective and cinematic experience in cinemas, said Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw and Nusantara.
Previously, “Syif Malam Raya” collected more than RM3 million after just 10 days of screening on Astro First, marking a phenomenal achievement for the on-demand platform.
So to those who haven’t had the chance to watch all three movies on Astro First, don’t miss out on watching it in cinemas near you and don’t forget to follow the cinemas’ SOP!