After shocking their YouTube subscribers recently when they removed all the
videos from their YouTube channel, husband-and-wife duo Sugu Pavithra has now
make a comeback with a brand-new upload.
The video, titled “Dalca tulang kambing” (Lamb Bone
Dalca), shows S. Pavithra in her usual cheerful manner.
Judging by the comments left on the video, fans are delighted to have the
YouTuber back, not only welcoming them with positive comments but also giving
the married couple encouragement to continue with their channel, in spite of
recent events.  
“Please don’t delete your videos again,” most of them commented, while some
asked Pavithra to stay strong and Sugu to work on being a better person, for
the sake of their two sons. 
Some also expressed sadness over the fact that the new upload didn’t include a
shot of the family of four sharing the meal happily at the end of video, a
staple in most of their previous videos.
The YouTuber couple was embroiled in a scandal recently after 29-year-old Sugu
was arrested last week for allegedly physically assaulting 28-year-old
Pavithra. He was released after pleading not guilty, though Perak State
Executive Councillor Wan Norashikin Wan Noordin stated that the Welfare
Department would monitor the couple’s progress.
All 98 videos on their Sugu Pavithra YouTube channel was then deleted on 26
July by Sugu, who initially stated that they wanted to return to a life before
their YouTube stardom. A day later, it was reported that they were working on
a new video which was to be uploaded soon.
They lost their income from YouTube after the videos were removed but as they
still have a more than 780,000-strong number of subscribers, hopefully the
couple will be able to get back on their feet again soon.