SKE48 hopes Malaysian fans will come and see them perform live in Nagoya!, akb48, feature, festival, interview, japan expo malaysia, jkt48, music, ske48, theHive.Asia

Following in the footsteps of their senpai AKB48, Nagoya-based SKE48 and Jakarta-based JKT48 are next in line to charm the socks off their Malaysian fans. 

Fans would remember that last July, AKB48 stopped by Kuala Lumpur to perform at Japan Expo Malaysia 2019. This year, SKE48 and JKT48 will be doing the same, albeit on a virtual platform.

Japan Expo Malaysia (JEMY) 2020 will be held from 18 to 19 July.
Here are the details for SKE48 and JKT48’s first performance together:
Date: 18 July 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 16:00-16:35 (Malaysia Time)
Where to stream: Facebook or YouTube .
SKE48 hopes Malaysian fans will come and see them perform live in Nagoya!, akb48, feature, festival, interview, japan expo malaysia, jkt48, music, ske48, theHive.Asia
The full list of performers and activities can be found at and

SKE48 members who would be performing are:

1. Ruka Inoue (Team S)
2. Yuki Arai (Team KII)
3. Yuna Ego (Team KII)
4. Nao Furuhata (Team KII)
5. Haruka Kumazaki (Team E)
6. Kaho Sato (Team E)
After performing, SKE48 will take part in an exclusive online Meet & Greet with their fans! 
It will also be on this Saturday, 17:00-17:40 (Malaysia Time), via Zoom. Tickets, priced at RM80 each, are available for purchase on until this 15 July at 23.59 (Malaysia Time).
SKE48 hopes Malaysian fans will come and see them perform live in Nagoya!, akb48, feature, festival, interview, japan expo malaysia, jkt48, music, ske48, theHive.Asia
Don’t miss this chance to meet & greet your favourite idols!

As the official media partner for JEMY 2020, we at TheHIVE.Asia had a chance to interview the kawaii SKE48 members.

Judging from the answers, we can tell that they are very excited to perform at JEMY 2020!

TheHive.Asia: This is your first time performing together with JKT48, how do you feel about that?

Nao Furuhata: I’m so happy to have this opportunity as we don’t have any chance to be on the stage together or accomplish something together.

This time you’ll only be performing virtually but if you get the chance, would you like to come perform a concert in Malaysia? What songs do you think you would sing at a Malaysian concert?

Yuki Arai: Of course!  If I have the chance, I’d love to be on the stage in Malaysia! As I saw before that JKT48 performed “Pareo Wa Emerald”, I truly wish we could perform it together someday!!

Yuna Ego: Of course, I wanted to be excited together over our live performance in Malaysia.  However, I trust we should be able to send our energy and smile virtually over video as well.  Within our SKE48 single ‘1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku!’, you can scream across the music and it is an amusing song, I’m sure those who’d see our SKE performance for the first time would enjoy and get excited.  I’d love to sing in Malaysia someday!

Last year, AKB48 came to perform in Malaysia. Did they share with you about their experience performing for Malaysian fans?

Nao Furuhata: As there was no chance to talk to them, I don’t have any experience shared by AKB48.  However, as their performance last year seems to be fun and exciting, I also wanted to perform in front of the local fans in Malaysia.  Although it is a shame not to be able to do so physically, I’m glad to be able to send my feelings and messages in a different style of performance.

Haruka Kumazaki: I had no chance to communicate directly with them so far, but reviewing their exciting scenes on video, photos and SNS, I was really looking forward to this opportunity.  Knowing that many of those fans in Malaysia are hot, I really wanted to see them physically.

Ruka Inoue: As our activities are conducted in different areas, we hardly see each other.  However, I reviewed their performance on YouTube, where amazing number of audiences – up to the higher floors in the venue – were shown.  As music selections being performed by AKB48 are exciting and well known by people in overseas, I found their level of excitement is great.

Kaho Sato: As we hardly see or talk to AKB48, I have not got to share their experiences so far.  When I reviewed SNS however, as many Malaysian fans were cheering for them, I thought it must have been fun!

Yuna Ego: Although I never had the chance to share experiences directly with AKB48, as I found their performance was really fun, I’m very happy to be able to have SKE48 join as well.

Yuki Arai: Not directly, though I reviewed their performance via SNS.  As some members from the same period as I am also performed last year, I was really envious of them!

Say something to your Malaysian fans to encourage them to come watch your live performances in Nagoya (once Malaysians are allowed to travel abroad again).

Haruka Kumazaki: When you say SKE48, hot performance is expected there! Knowing that there are many hot fans in Malaysia, I already feel happy just imagining when we may perform together. We have many tasty foods to offer in Nagoya. Once Malaysian people can start travelling over to Japan, I wish they could fully enjoy Nagoya, including yummy food and live performance by SKE48.

It will be a while before Malaysian fans can travel to Nagoya to catch SKE48 performing live but in the meantime, fans can tune in to the group’s joint virtual concert with JKT48 at JEMY 2020!