More drive-in cinemas are opening in Malaysia soon!, cinema, drive-in cinemas, feature, movie, theHive.Asia
Ever since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia,
cinephiles have been missing the feeling of enjoying a movie in cinemas. Now,
even with cinemas nationwide back in business, many are still wary of stepping
into enclosed halls.
Hence why the new cinema concept (relatively new in
our side of the world), drive-in cinema, is gaining momentum in our country.
It provides just the right space for social distancing. Just this month alone,
two have begun operations while at least three more are expected to open next
These drive-in cinemas will, of course, have to follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) set by the government, some of which includes:
1. Temperature check – anyone with body temperature higher than 37.5º
Celsius or is displaying symptoms must not be allowed admittance.
2. Sanitisation – the premise must be sanitised 3 times a day and hand
sanitizers must be provided for staff and customers, both of whom are
encouraged to wear face mask.
3. Social distancing – cars are to adhere to 2-metre distancing,
customers are not allowed to leave their cars except to use the mobile toilet
or get assistance from the staff, customers to order food by switching on the
hazard light and waiting for the roaming marshal to take their order as well
as payment. 
Now, let’s see what each of the drive-in cinema in Malaysia has to offer!

Casuarina Sini-Drive

More drive-in cinemas are opening in Malaysia soon!, cinema, drive-in cinemas, feature, movie, theHive.Asia
(Photo source: Sini-Drive)
Location: Hotel Casuarina@Meru, Ipoh

Ticket prices:
RM36 (Combo Set A), RM40 (Combo Set B), RM42 (Combo Set C)

Free upsize on drink or popcorn (for Maybank credit card users)
The first drive-in cinema to open in Malaysia is not located anywhere in the
Klang Valley area but in Perak instead. Called Casuarina Sini-Drive, the Perak
Corporation Berhad (PCB) initiative is the brainchild of Menteri Besar Ahmad
Faizal Azumu, who said that he hoped to drive more tourism in his state with
the new cinema concept. 
“The introduction of this cinema is expected to have a positive impact on the
tourism sector in Perak which is badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and
hopefully to help revive the activities of tourists coming to Ipoh,” he said
during the opening on 17 July.
As stated above, the ticket or entry coupon comes in three different prices
according to the combo selected. Each combo comes with 2 beverages and food.
Booking can be done at
Screenings are done daily, except Monday, and begin as early as 7pm until as
late as 11pm. The movies are projected onto a 6m x 18m screen.

Moonlight Drive-in Cinema

More drive-in cinemas are opening in Malaysia soon!, cinema, drive-in cinemas, feature, movie, theHive.Asia
(Photo source: TGV Cinemas)
Location(s): i. AEON Mall Nilai (14 – 16 August), ii. AEON Mall Bukit Indah
(21 – 23 August), iii. AEON Mall Cheras Selatan (28 – 30 August)

7.45pm – “Jurassic World”, 11.30pm – “Jurassic World: Fallen
While the rest of the drive-ins on this list will stay put at one place, or
will have several outlets set up at different locations, TGV Cinemas and AEON
put a little travelling roadshow spin to their version of it. Their joint
drive-in effort will be travelling to three locations across three weekends,
the venues and dates are as above.
What’s even more unique is it features a theme. Customers will be watching the
dino-filled “Jurassic World” and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” in a dinosaur-themed setting. They’ll also have a chance to win prizes during the
pre-show and the dedicated 15-minute intermissions at every screening. 
Car windows must be rolled down to prevent carbon monoxide build-up in the
vehicle. To ensure customers’ comfort, a battery-operated fan will be included
with every ticket purchase, so they can keep themselves cool in the humid
tropical weather. In case of rain, customers can choose to be reimbursed
either with a full refund or TGV Movie Packs with a greater value than their
initial purchase, which can be redeemed at any TGV Cinemas location until year
Since TGV Cinemas has only recently opened the registration for the drive-in
cinema, there are no details yet on the ticket prices and promotions.


More drive-in cinemas are opening in Malaysia soon!, cinema, drive-in cinemas, feature, movie, theHive.Asia
Location: Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC), 109, Jalan Ampang, KL
Showtimes: Monday to Sunday 5pm onwards
Yesterday, 29 July, was M-Junction’s inaugural screening. Cinema Online was
among the guests at the launch, which included an exclusive world premiere of
Hollywood title “Legacy of Lies”, with M-Junction being the only drive-in
cinema in the world to have the honour of holding the premiere, according to
organisers TwoSpicy Entertainment Live Sdn Bhd and MD Events Asia Sdn
They also stated that while they have only one location at the moment, they
are looking into opening more locations across Malaysia, depending on the
performance of their first location. Instead of using a projector, the movies
will play on an LED screen for maximum brightness, since the drive-in is
located in quite a well-lit part of the city.
Bookings for the drive-in can be made at, where the movie
schedule is also posted and updated weekly. Tickets start from RM99, with a
limit of 2 people per car, which include food and movie passes for two.
Battery-operated fans and a Bluetooth speaker will also be included so that
customers can keep their car engines off throughout the movie. This is to
ensure that the gathered cars will not pollute the environment.
In case of rain, the movie screening will be delayed for up to 60 minutes. If
the rain doesn’t stop within the time, no refund will be given but customers
are allowed to reschedule their date based on earliest availability. 

Drive-In Cinema Malaysia

More drive-in cinemas are opening in Malaysia soon!, cinema, drive-in cinemas, feature, movie, theHive.Asia
(Photo source: Drive In Cinema Malaysia Facebook)
The name is pretty straight-to-the-point. This drive-in will be the first
outdoor cinema organised by event management company, Perk Idea Sdn Bhd.
Registration for interested customers has been opened since mid-July. The
‘perk’ of signing up is these registered customers will be the first to know
once tickets are available for sale. So far there’s no update yet on the
opening date (possible early next month), location (somewhere in Klang Valley)
and showtimes. There’s no info on the ticket pricing and movie lineup either
since the organiser is still in discussion with film distributors regarding
the movies to be screened. 
So, listed above are just some of the upcoming drive-in cinemas in Malaysia.
While information is scarce at the moment, we do know of another upcoming one
– poised to be the biggest drive-in cinema here – will be launching at 1 Utama
Shopping Centre this mid-August. The screen will be big enough to cater to 200
cars. Even more exciting? This particular drive-in might also feature current
movies. Stay tuned to Cinema Online for updates!
(Photo source: Bardan International)