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A couple of months back, Malaysian YouTuber couple Sugu Pavithra’s fame exploded to the point that even Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was paying attention to them.

Having received various filming and kitchen items from the Prime Minister for use on the eponymous YouTube cooking channel run by S Pavithra and her husband Sugu, Pavithra stated that they wish they could meet the important man in person and enjoy a hearty homecooked meal with him.

The married couple recently found their wish fulfilled when they met with the Prime Minister himself during the launch of the 50th anniversary of Rukun Negara in Putrajaya.
“When he asked if I had anything to eat. I was at a loss for words and only managed to reply ah, ah yes…,” said Pavithra, as quoted by Bernama.
Even a question as simple as “Not cooking today, Pavithra?” left the 28-year-old housewife speechless as she admitted that she was all jitters when meeting the Prime Minister for the first time.
Previously, the YouTuber couple who went viral with their simple but informative videos, which usually show Sugu cooking while Pavithra talks about the ingredients and cooking steps fluently in Malay, were gifted with camera tripod, microwave oven, rice cooker and cooking utensils.
While there’s no word on whether Sugu Pavithra got their wish to use these gifts to cook a meal for the Prime Minister, at least having met him in person definitely meant the world for the humble couple.
(Photo source: BERNAMA)