This “Malaysia Chabor” sure is making the nation proud! By that we mean the song’s original singer Joyce Chu, who is the only participant representing Malaysia in WeTV’s variety reality show “Chuang 2020”.

Not only has the Johor-born singer recently been selected as one of the show’s 15 finalists, she has also landed among the top 10.

Joyce is currently placed eighth, out of the 101 trainees that have taken part in the show in the hopes of becoming the final seven who will make up an upcoming new international girl group.
This is the singer’s first ever single digit ranking on the show, having impressed everyone with her recent performance of “Sing It Once Every Morning”.
If you missed it, just click play on the video above, which focuses on Joyce’s parts during the performance.
Fans can continue voting for Joyce on the WeTV app until this Saturday, 4 July.
Each user can only vote for one trainee per day, though VIP subscribers will have double the voting points.
The final stage of “Chuang 2020” will be available on WeTV, also on this Saturday, at 8pm.
Look forward to Joyce’s group performance for a song called “It’s A Bomb”. Aside from that, the vocal group will be performing their rendition of Katy Perry’s “Daisies”. 
Check out the video below to see what the American pop star has to say to the girls!