After AKB48 charmed their Malaysian fans’ hearts last year at Japan Expo Malaysia 2019, now it is JKT48 and SKE48 turn to do so.

The Jakarta-based and Nagoya-based sister groups of AKB48 will be holding a joint virtual concert at Japan Expo Malaysia (JEMY) 2020, which will take place from 18 to 19 July.

Here are the details for JKT48 and SKE48’s first performance together:
Date: 18 July 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 16:00-16:35 (Malaysia Time)
Here’s an updated schedule. Check out the full list of performers and activities
at www.japanexpomalaysia.com and www.gyucreative.com.

JKT48 members who will be performing are:

1. Feni Fitriyanti (Team J)
2. Fransisca Saraswati (Team J)
3. M. G. Desy (Team KIII)
4. Shani Indira (Team KIII)
5. Shania Gracia (Team KIII)
6. Tan Zhi Hui Celine (Team J)
We spoke to Shani and Feni about their upcoming performance
with SKE48 (Photo source: Shani’s Instagram | Feni’s Instagram).
TheHIVE.Asia, as an official media partner for JEMY 2020, got the chance to interview two of the bubbly JKT48 members. (By the way, if you missed it, here’s our interview with SKE48 too!)
Fans can tell just how energetic and fun their performance will be (especially if they ever get to come and perform live in Malaysia) based on their lively answers below!
TheHive.Asia: This is your first time performing together with SKE48, how do you feel about that?
Shani: I am both proud and happy that we get to perform in a collaboration with SKE48 in such a great and huge event!
Feni: We have previously announced that we will do some collaboration project with SKE48, but these circumstances force us to postpone them. I hope that this performance will kickstart our plans! Please look forward for information regarding our next project!
Shani: Yes! And with this performance we hope that even though we are apart, our energy will reach you, and on the other hand we will receive your love and support!
This time you’ll only be performing virtually but if you get the chance, would you like to come perform a concert in Malaysia? What songs do you think you would sing at a Malaysian concert?
Shani: We would love to! We would also love to greet our fans and meet new people in Malaysia! We will make the presence of JKT48 known and loved by the world!
Feni: Yes! And for the songs… I would love to perform “Rapsodi” (JKT48’s first original song). I really love the song, and since I believe that Malaysians and Indonesians have a lot in common, you might love this song as much as I do. “RIVER” will also be a nice choice because it is so uplifting and a good song to be performed.
You perform songs by AKB48 and your other sister groups that are translated into Indonesian, have you ever gotten to perform any of the original songs in Japanese? If yes, how was that like?
Shani: Yes, we have! The words are hard to memorise; I have to listen to the song a dozen times! 
Feni: It’s an interesting experience. I have no basic skills in Japanese, so in a way it became a challenge for me.
Congratulations on your first original single “Rapsodi” that was released earlier this year, can fans look forward to more original songs from JKT48?
Shani: We’d love to!  
Feni: We will present another great song for all of you, so please support us!
Aside from singing, some of you also act in movies. Will anyone star in any new movie soon?
Shani: Sisca from Team J, our friend from the third generation, is starring in a movie entitled “Sobat Ambyar”. Don’t miss it!
We only have Shani and Feni here but don’t forget to catch the rest of the idol group when JKT48 performs with SKE48 at JEMY 2020!