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Elaine Ng has recently dismissed allegations that she accepted a huge sum of money in the past to keep quiet about her affair with Jackie Chan and the baby that came with it.
As reported on World Journal, in an article written by a veteran Hong Kong reporter known as Uncle Zhu, he alleged that Emperor Group Chairman Albert Yeung had given Elaine HKD40 million on behalf of the action star to help her settle with daughter Etta and to keep quiet about the whole affair.
However, the actress instead decided to expose Jackie’s numerous affairs to the media much to the actor’s shock and anger.
In response to the allegation, Elaine reported the article on her Weibo account and wrote, “There are various kinds of people in this world. 20 million, 30 million, 40 million – you’re just saying all this happily. It is also a blessing to make others happy.”
She then stressed that she never accepted any payment from Jackie and that people should watch what they say.
(Photo source: Elaine Ng’s Weibo | Jackie Chan’s Facebook)