After dropping a new single last week, Aizat Amdan now shares with his fans the behind-the-scenes video for the song.

“I’m borrowing Anas Amdan’s video to show you guys the behind-the-scenes and journey of making the song “Ku Mau” featuring Hanin Dhiya. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d make a song in Sweden and later do a duet with an Indonesian,” the Malaysian singer captioned the video, which he posted on his social media including Facebook.

He also thanked everyone involved and reminded fans to continue streaming the song or requesting it on radio.
“Ku Mau”, as mentioned by Aizat, is a collaboration with Indonesian singer Hanin Dhiya. The song was released on digital platforms last Friday, 26 June.
Also uploaded five days ago to Aizat’s YouTube was the official lyric video for the song. There’s no music video for it yet but he promises that it is coming soon. 
If you haven’t seen it, check out the “Ku Mau” behind-the-scenes video below!

(Photo source: Aizat Amdan’s Facebook)