Singaporean pop artiste Dominic Chin has dropped a new single, which is part of the seven tracks in his upcoming debut EP, “License to Cry”.

Called “Better”, the song is described as “a poppy, free-spirited song about the joys of being high on love”.

“This song is inspired by love!” Dominic shared in a press release. “There’s a quote that says ‘falling in love is the best high without breaking the law’, and I fully agree!”
“The whole chorus talks about how flowers smell better, time passes much slower, the sky is BLUE-ER. How you don’t ever want time to stop when you’re with the person you love,” the 24-year-old added.
Released along with the song is a special Instagram AR filter that will give any IG user a ‘lovely’ look indeed, like the one demonstrated by Dominic in the image above. Here’s the link to it: (viewable on mobile devices).
“Better” is now available on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and iTunes.
The rest of “License to Cry” will be released by Singapore-based indie record label Umami Records in the second half of 2020, following which Dominic will be making his debut show at the Esplanade Singapore this 21 August.
In the meantime, click play below to watch the music video for “Better”!