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Even though “Sepet” was released in 2004, to this day it remains as one of the most celebrated films in Malaysia.

““Sepet” was released 16 years ago in 2004 and yet the issues it addresses is ever more so relevant today in 2020,” so goes the film’s description on Youtube, where it is currently available for free streaming until this week.

The film went up on Great Little Stories’ YouTube channel last Friday “for a limited time of one week”.
Star Sharifah Amani, who shared the link to the film on her own Twitter account, will also be involved in the special Q&A that’s part of the free streaming.
Others who will be answering the questions posted by viewers in the YouTube comment section include lead actor Ng Choo Seong, Linus Chung, Tan Meiling, Zehan, David Lok, producer Abang Odeng, Kak Ros, Elyna Shukri and Datin Orked Ahmad, who is the main character’s namesake and sister of the film’s late director Yasmin Ahmad.
Great Little Stories stated that “video replies to selected questions will be recorded which will be compiled as a new video documentation on the process and thoughts behind the film that will be screened here on Youtube and onsite at Yasmin at Kong Heng.”

“Sepet”, which tells of a love story between a Malay girl and a Chinese boy, has nabbed various awards from both local and international film festivals. Among them are the Le Grand Prix du Jury at 27th Créteil International Women’s Film Festival in France, the Best Asian Film Award at the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival, Best Film at the 2005 Global Chinese Golden Arts Awards and Best Film at the 18th Malaysia Film Festival.
A stage adaptation of it, called “Sepet the Musical”, was also released for a limited time free streaming on YouTube early last month. This proves just how in demand the movie is even after all of these years as it continues to inspire not only Malaysians but also audiences outside the country.