Namewee shares his first ever AR concert online for fans to enjoy, augmented reality, concert, Kaohsiung, music, namewee, news, taiwan, theHive.Asia
Always the creative innovator, Namewee has found a way to hold a live concert even during the current pandemic.

The Malaysian rapper has recently held a virtual concert, called “Namewee’s AR Concert LIVE in Kaohsiung”.

As the name indicates, the concert was made possible with the use of AR (augmented reality) technology. Despite stating “LIVE in Kaohsiung”, the concert was really performed by the rapper in his home country, Malaysia.
The AR concert went live last Saturday but Namewee just a couple of days ago re-uploaded it to his own YouTube channel for his fans to enjoy.
“This is not just a concert, this is a special trip to Kaohsiung,” Namewee stated in the video’s description, in which he also revealed that the concert was a collaborative effort with the Kaohsiung City Government Tourism Bureau and Yahoo TV, who provided the new AR technology used to bring the concert to life.
Namewee has been collaborating with Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City Government to promote tourism in the city. His music video “Getaway to Kaohsiung” – filmed in the titular city, no AR here – even won an award recently, as it was named the Gold Winner under the Online – General Music Video category by the Telly Awards.
Click play below if you haven’t watched Namewee’s first ever virtual concert!
(Photo source: Namewee’s Facebook)