Australian singer Cassidy La Crème, otherwise known as the ‘Marilyn Monroe of Malaysia’, makes her comeback to the music scene with a brand-new Malay single called “Rentak Tandak”.

Music lovers who listen to older Malay hits would instantly note that it bears the same title to the 1957 song by Malaysian artist, Miss Julia (which in turn was a translation of the 1955 song “Razzle Dazzle” written by Charles E Calhoun and released by Billy Haley & The Comets).

That’s because Cassidy’s new song is a “bold new take” on the ‘50s version! 
In a press release, the singer states that the classic track is given a fresh new spin with the inclusion of a brand-new verse written by Cassidy herself and a live horn section recorded by American national Marques ‘Q Sound’ Young.
The song pays homage to the nostalgic sounds of Old Malaya and artistes Cassidy adores like Miss Julia, Saloma and of course, Marilyn Monroe.
“Rentak Tandak” marks the singer’s first independent release. The high-energy track can be streamed on digital music platforms from today onwards and the official lyrics video (shown above) will premiere on YouTube at Malaysian time 9pm tonight.
Aside from being released in Malay, the song will also be released internationally in two other languages.
As evidenced by her nickname, Cassidy is a Caucasian singer fluent in the Malay language. She made waves in the Malaysian music scene with her viral cover of “Ombak Rindu” in 2012 and eventually made her official debut with power ballad “Seperti Dia” in 2017.
Other than making her music comeback, the singer will also be making her Malay acting debut later this year with a feature role in iflix’s “KL Gangster Underworld – Season 2”.
(Photo source: Cassidy La Crème’s Facebook)