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Popular actor and director Datuk Farid Kamil has been sentenced to 13 months in prison for disorderly conduct and using criminal force on a police officer two years ago.

According to a report from Bernama, Farid was sentenced by Magistrate Nor Ariffin Hisham not only to 13 months in prison for criminal force but also another four months for disorderly conduct.

The court also ordered Farid, real name Farid Kamil Zahari, to serve both sentences concurrently starting from yesterday. However, it will be separate from the nine months he was previously sentenced to for using marijuana.
“After evaluating the testimony presented by the defense, the court has also looked at the overall remarks from the defense and prosecutor.
“Therefore, the court finds Farid Kamil guilty and is sentenced to 13 months in prison for an offence under Section 353 of the Penal Code, and four months in prison for an offence under Section 90 of the Police Act, and both sentences will be served concurrently,” said Nor Ariffin.
At the same time, the court has ordered the actor, who is Diana Danielle’s husband, to pay a RM5,000 court cost and failure to do so will add a further 6 months to his prison sentence. 
The 39-year-old actor has also received permission from the court to postpone his prison sentences with a RM10,000 bail while his lawyer files an appeal.