A total of six Malaysian animated series are now available on Amazon Prime exclusively for viewers in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

“Ejen Ali” is among the animation titles that are included in the deal signed earlier this year between Amazon Prime and Primeworks Distribution, a subsidiary of Primeworks Studios and Janson Media.

“Having co-produced “Ejen Ali”, we understand the work and hours that go into producing an animation series and a deal like this, is crucial not only to the Malaysian animation industry in terms of monetization of investment but also in terms of recognition for the quality animation and stories coming from Malaysia,” said Ahmad Izham Omar, CEO of Primeworks Studios, in a press statement.
“Ejen Ali” is produced by Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation, while the other five titles are represented by Primeworks Distribution.
3rd Rock Creation’s “Soccer Bugs” and “Cingkus Blues” will both have two seasons showing on Amazon Prime, along with the MDEC-produced “Saladin”. Meanwhile, Avant Garde Studios “Knowsy Nina Wants to Know” will feature 52 episodes and Netcarbon’s “Super Tots” will have 26 episodes playing.
As for “Ejen Ali”, only one season, consisting of 13 episodes, is currently showing. No word yet on whether the second season will also be made available. 
This animated property is one of the most successful in Malaysia, not just on the small screen but also on the big screen as “Ejen Ali: The Movie” managed to become the highest grossing local animated film of 2019 with its RM30 million box office collection.