An Honest Mistake drops new single, “#IDGAD”, an honest mistake, music, news, theHive.Asia
Last fans heard of An Honest Mistake’s original music was in 2016, but that’s about to change when the band drops their brand-new single tomorrow.

“I Don’t Give A Damn”, stylised as “#IDGAD”, will officially go live on 5 June 2020 across all digital music platforms.

The song is described as one with trap beats, a big chorus with funky dance guitar riffs, melodic R&B inspired verses yet retaining their signature ‘gang vocals’ that can be heard in the first few seconds of the song as well as a resounding tag of “I don’t give a damn” to close the song.
It also features a guitar solo, something never really present in the band’s earlier material. 
Listeners who are familiar with the 1939 film “Gone with The Wind” would easily identify in the song the glitch of a blurb that goes, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
The band was inspired to produce the song following bassist Sonny Wan’s recent experience with a painful breakup. “You don’t give a f*** about me”, he yelled out of frustration during a rehearsal. However, the line was later turned into something empowering instead by changing it to “I don’t give a damn about you”.
“When Sonny screamed those words, I knew it came from a place of pain and I wanted to tap into that,” said Darren, the band’s main songwriter, in a press release. 
“Everyone has been in a painful relationship before, I’m sure. It could have been abusive; verbally or physically. It could be a relationship out of fear. It’s crazy the reasons why people stay in relationships sometimes. But I didn’t want it to end there. I wanted to write based off of those experiences to encourage listeners to stand strong and to be brave to exit such a relationship. 
“Instead of playing the victim, they should be the ones calling the shots. Simply put, ‘I’m done. This is over. I don’t give a damn about you’. I know too many friends who are in similar situations so I dug deep to really put my thoughts together. I can’t take credit for all of it though because Sheryl, our ex-singer put her touch on it for the lines in the chorus. We’ve written cliché love songs for so many years and it’s about time we get real,” he added.
An Honest Mistake drops new single, “#IDGAD”, an honest mistake, music, news, theHive.Asia
Fans will get to enjoy the song “#IDGAD” and its lyrics video when An Honest Mistake releases both tomorrow (Photo source: An Honest Mistake’s Instagram).
The process behind the song’s recording, which started in early March, took an interesting turn when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced in Malaysia later that same month. It had to be finished by recording some of the gang vocals at home, which were then sent to JD (guitarist of Pop Shuv It/Project EAR) at Studio 21:05.
Since the MCO also halted the music video’s production, for now fans will have to be content with the lyrics video that will be released along with the song.  
The last time the band released original music was four years ago, which they followed up with a remix album in 2017, a covers EP in 2018 and a Christmas cover in 2019. So fans would be definitely “give a damn” when “#IDGAD” releases tomorrow!