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All she wanted to do was help out with the family’s finances by generating some profit from videos uploaded on YouTube, she never expected those cooking videos will blow up to this scale.

S Pavithra, 28, says that she was shocked when she received her first payment from YouTube. She admits that it was the first time she’s ever collected a USD2,000 (approximately RM8,700) pay for a month’s work.

That’s how much YouTube is paying this humble Malaysian YouTuber, who runs the channel Sugu Pavithra with her 29-year-old husband, Sugu.
The married couple started uploading videos of them cooking simple but mouth-watering local dishes three months ago. Some of their viewers have hilariously commented that they felt like licking their devices’ screens because that’s just how appetising the delicacies looked.
The channel started off from a humble beginning. No fancy filming equipment or cooking utensils were used, since the couple couldn’t afford any. They decided on making cooking videos since cooking is a passion they both share. Pavithra also does most of the talking because, as she says, her husband is shy, so he only focuses on the cooking. stated that following the couple’s interview with Bernama during the Wesak holiday earlier this month, their subscribers went from 160,000 to 441,100.
To date, the channel has close to 600 thousand subscribers.
It is known that the channel is watched not only by locals but also viewers from the UK and Japan. Some subscribers have offered their help to provide English subtitles to benefit those who love the videos and recipes but do not speak the Malay language. 
Pavithra previously mentioned that she chose to speak in the Malay language in her videos, instead of Tamil, because she wants the nation to easily understand the recipes. She probably never expected that even non-Malaysians are now watching and enjoying her videos, which not only shows off delicious dishes but also the couple’s cute moments with their young sons.
Sugu Pavithra proves to be such a popular and wholesome channel that even Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is paying attention to it. Pavithra recently uploaded a video (shown above) that features the various items sent to them by the Prime Minister, such as a microwave, tripod and an electric rice cooker.
Her only hope now is, once CMCO is lifted, to invite the Prime Minister over for a hearty meal with her family. May this come true!
(Photo source: Sugu Pavithra YouTube)