Stuck at home 24/7? Most likely you are, like almost everyone on Earth thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Silver lining: Now you have even more time to play your games.

While you stay safe indoors, you can take this chance to play as much games as you want (do remember to stop once in a while, of course). Take a look below at what else you can do during lockdown.

Socialise through games

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Some of the games we previously recommended are great for staying connected with friends and family even when you’re far away from them. Be it mobile or PC games, there are plenty of the multiplayer ones that you can play with other people. Steam is one of the best platforms for playing with friends.

Host virtual game nights

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Your socialising skills remain safely intact, enhance it further by hosting virtual game nights! Gather a few of your friends virtually at a specific time (like how parties usually work – except, online) and have a blast playing games together. Houseparty is a great app for this.

Boost your PS4’s performance

Thanks to YouTuber John Glasscock, you can boost your PlayStation, be it PS4 Original, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro. Watch the video above to see how with just your DualShock 4, you can improve your PS4’s performance in four easy steps. 

Tackle your steam backlog

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One of the upsides of spending prolonged periods at home is the chance to do something you usually won’t have time to: clear your Steam backlog. Let’s face it, there are tons of games on Steam that you haven’t played in a while and you’re gonna have to clear them one of these days. Now’s the time! And PCMAG has a full guide on how to tackle that large backlog.

Watch video game streams

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Twitch, Facebook, YouTube – there are so many live streaming platforms serving gamers nowadays. If you’re getting tired of playing, pause the game and watch others play instead. Video game live streaming services allow you to still be immersed in the gaming world without having to play the games yourself.
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