A good entrepreneur knows that you got to make sure your product stands out, or at least your marketing of it, if you want it to sell.

This Johor Bahru man, Mohd Hairie Bakri, nailed the marketing part for sure, when he decided to promote his kuih products with a little help from American rapper Snoop Dogg.

He recently made a post in a Facebook group that includes several photos of the rapper rolling, what he claims is, popia gulung – a type of crunchy snack enjoyed by both young and old in Malaysia.
“It’s brother Snoop dog’s (sic) handiwork, don’t you want to buy this dude? Aidilfitri 2020 won’t be complete without it,” he captioned the photos.
Now, people who are probably not so acquainted with the rapper might believe that he is diligently rolling a tiny popia, or something edible at least. But those who are accustomed to Snoop’s habits would know what he’s really rolling is, in fact, a joint. That’s cannabis cigarettes to the uninitiated.
“There are other kuih,” Hairie added at the end of his post, to hit home what he’s actually selling. (Definitely not joints since those are illegal in Malaysia).
Commenters have also joined in the fun, with one saying that Snoop must have worked until late at night to fulfill tons of order the point that his eyes were starting to droop.
The simple but creative post went viral when members of the group, called Pertubuhan Abang Sayur Malaysia, shared it with other Facebook users. 
To date, the post has more than 2500 shares since it was posted four days ago.
(Photo source: Pertubuhan Abang Sayur Malaysia Facebook)