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As the nation continues staying safe at home during the Movement Control Order (MCO), famed local director Mamat Khalid still finds a way to bring entertainment to his fans.

That is, by releasing his latest movie, “Manap Karaoke”, on Astro First so that it can be enjoyed by everyone at home without going to the cinemas.

This marks the first local movie to premiere straight on the small screen instead of on the big screen, an appropriate move since cinemas in Malaysia remain closed until the MCO is lifted.
Recognising the change in viewing pattern among Malaysians since the MCO was enforced, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw and Nusantara, said in a press statement that viewers spend most of their time at home watching movies. They are looking for high quality entertainment, which “Manap Karaoke” is set to deliver.
Consistent with Astro’s Ramadhan theme of “‘Indahkan Senyuman, Eratkan Jalinan’, the movie is a family-friendly comedy, with a positive message, that will put a smile on everyone’s face.
Mamat Khalid also expressed his hopes that the movie, which features nostalgic ‘90s songs that are still popular today, will lift everyone’s spirit.
“Now is the perfect time to release a comedy,” he said. “This is especially for my fans who have missed watching my movies in cinemas.”
The movie stars Joey Daud (Manap), Pekin Ibrahim (Rauf Bogiba), Mona Allen (Jamizan), Ropie (En Kamarulzaman), Sharwani NS (Wahab B), Imuda (Pak Mid), TJ Isa (Mat Khuda), Arwah Rab Khalid (Taiko Tai), Arwah Man Kadir (Tok Imam), Ziema Din (Kak B Vavavom) and many more.
It follows Manap who comes up with the idea for a ‘moving karaoke’, bringing the musical entertainment to the people at home instead of them having to go to a karaoke centre to enjoy it. While his idea is a success, Rauf Bogiba’s karaoke business suffers because of it. This then leads to Rauf destroying Manap’s moving karaoke, and thus a rivalry is born between the two.
“Manap Karaoke” will be available on Astro First starting from this 7 May. For RM15, subscribers will get to watch the movie as many times as they want within 48 hours.