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While most 12-year-olds spend their time watching YouTube videos, Alyssa Dezek spends hers making those videos.

With her more than 2.5 million subscribers, Alyssa recently places ninth on Malaysia’s Top 10 list of Most Subscribed YouTubers, making her the youngest social media star on the list.

Not afraid of dreaming big, next she aims to become a Guinness World Records holder as the youngest YouTuber to reach the Malaysian Top 10, according to SCMP.
Alyssa started her YouTube days from a young age. At just age 4, showed off her ukulele skills. She had begged her parents to buy her the musical instrument and later learned to play it through YouTube videos.
Her mother, Suzanne, used to be a singer and has definitely passed the talent to young Alyssa. Not only has her mother created the YouTube channel for Alyssa and taught her how to sing, she also remains the little girl’s biggest supporter to this day.
Alyssa’s covers of Malay and Indonesian songs on her channel have always proven to be popular. She names Malaysian songstress Siti Nurhaliza and American pop star Taylor Swift as her idols. 
She plans on going on her debut tour in Malaysia and Indonesia next year but in the meantime, due to the current pandemic, she can only cheer her fans on by uploading songs she’s performed at home for everyone to enjoy during lockdown or social distancing.