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The demand for Malaysian animation continues to rise as yet another local animated series, “Monster Beach”, has managed to land a slot on the Cartoon Network channel.

The animated series is helmed by local animation studio Inspedia, who recently shared that they were excited for the chance to showcase their animated work to a global audience.

“Yes, this opportunity holds a special meaning for us. Any international project that involves us is a golden opportunity. Putting Malaysia’s name on the global animation platform, it’s definitely a proud moment for the country.
“Cartoon Network has been our client for a few years and one day, they asked us if we wanted to work on “Monster Beach”. It was an amazing idea and we grabbed the opportunity,” said Inspidea co-founding member C.J. See, according to Harian Metro.
He added that they made sure their work was of the highest quality as they did not want to let Cartoon Network down.
Aside from local animators, the series is also worked on by artists from other countries. That’s because Inspidea is a partner in the project that involves 120 workers, from artists to producers.
The animation is a collaboration between three countries: Malaysia, Australia, and Hong Kong.
“Monster Beach” follows surfer siblings Jan and Dean, who are on vacation on Iki-Iki island with their aunt and uncle. They spend their time hanging out with the fun-loving and cheeky monsters at the beach.
The animated series has started airing on Cartoon Network every Saturday at 6.30pm since 25 April.