Animation studio Les’ Copaque Production has some good news for fans when they announced the release of a new animated series, “Upin & Ipin: The Helping Heroes”.

As posted on Les’ Copaque’s social media recently, the animated series features a slight difference when it comes to the looks of the main characters Upin and Ipin.

What’s more interesting, Les’ Copaque this time uses basic English as the series’ language to help with viewers’ learning of it, as most of the viewers are young kids.
Les’ Copaque has also revealed a teaser trailer, which features Upin and Ipin decked in their cutting-edge superhero costumes, which are in their favourite colours, yellow and blue.
The 32-second trailer that was uploaded on Les’ Copaque Production’s YouTube has garnered more than 200 thousand views, with more than 400 likes.
“Upin & Ipin: The Helping Heroes” is premiering exclusively on Les’ Copaque Production’s YouTube this 22 May at 5pm.
In related news, Les’ Copaque recently reached 10 million subscribers on YouTube, making it the first YouTube channel in Malaysia to achieve such success.