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Singaporean indie pop trio HubbaBubbas said they got a “mini heart attack” when Spotify notified them over the weekend that their latest song, “Rumble Under My Toes”, had made it to the digital music service provider’s K-Pop X-Over playlist.

“We’re honestly a bit stunned to be #6 on the same playlist as BTS and IU,” the band posted on their Instagram, as they thanked Spotify Asia for supporting their music.

The song, a collaboration with K-indie darling Kwak Pureunhaneul, was listed just below Lauv and BTS’ “Who”.
Released last Friday via Singapore based indie label Umami Records, “Rumble Under My Toes” is a bilingual single that HubbaBubbas wrote with Kwak when they were touring Korea last year. 
Lead vocalist Stephanie said in a statement, “When we were facing uncertainty, we weren’t able to find much music to relate to because a lot of the music that we were listening to always had a clear feeling of the artist’s emotions – joy, sorrow… and for good reason. 
“But we felt this was a part of ourselves that was not so clear, and we wanted to encapsulate it in a song. We also thought that perhaps there were people out there who felt the same way, and we found Kwakpu. She shared with us her personal reasons for being on a hiatus from music, and you can feel her emotions from her performance in the studio.”

HubbaBubbas shares their experience of writing the song with Kwak Pureunhaneul in this video.

Released along with the new song is a Korean version of the band’s “Sunset in My Pocket”, which also features Kwak (who, by the way, is known as “Hongdae IU” and previously took part in the show “Superstar K7”). 
The original version of the 2019 song has recently been nominated for five categories at the Singapore Youth Music Awards 2020.
Last year, the band was the recipient of the inaugural Singapore Youth Music Awards 2019 for Best Cover Artist.
HubbaBubbas, made up of Stephanie along with guitarist Ryan Chan and beatboxer Mervyn Ye, is working on a new EP now, called “New Home”, which is expected to be released this year’s end.