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It’s only been a few days since Namewee dropped the music video to his latest song, “Beyond the Edge”, but the often controversial Malaysian rapper has already rubbed China the wrong way with it.

A scene featuring men in black masks is deemed to be his way of showing support to Hong Kong and the protestors that have been fighting for independence from China.

“Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner for the rest of your life,” he also posted in the music video’s description on YouTube.
Mainland Chinese netizens have blasted him online for it and China has also taken the step of banning the song on Weibo, as confirmed by the singer himself on social media. He is, however, unperturbed, and merely stated that listeners are free to interpret it however they want. 
Meanwhile, Fu Jiu, who is well known for his ability to mimic the singing voice of Beyond’s late lead singer Wong Ka Kui and whom Namewee collaborated with for the new song, has issued an apology. Liberty Times reported that the Chinese singer’s management company stated that Fu Jiu will never perform the song for any occasion. 
Below is the music video for “Beyond the Edge”, if you haven’t seen it. Namewee has also posted the behind-the-scenes video on his YouTube yesterday.