Like most people who are staying safe at home during social distancing or lockdown period, you’re most likely getting very, very tired of just sitting at home by now. Of course, you can be productive and get things done around the house, but you also need some time to wind down so you don’t feel like you must escape from the confines of your house. 

We previously suggested movies and series for you to watch, this time let’s take a look at games you can play on your mobile phones to keep you occupied for yet another day at home.

Marvel Strike Force

After you’re done marathoning the whole Phase One to Phase Three of the MCU, you’re probably itching to become part of the marvellous superhero universe too. Scratch that itch with this mobile game, which, as stated on the games’ website, allows you to assemble your squad (Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Loki, Captain America, Iron Man, etc.) and prepare for the battle to save Earth!

Call of Duty: Mobile

This mobile version of the popular first-person shooter video game franchise set the record as the largest mobile game launch in history with its USD54 million revenue when it was released last year. With this you don’t need a console or a PC to play your game and the hours will just melt away as you spend them shooting baddies on this game. 

Words with Friends

Keep your brain active by playing games like “Words with Friends”. It requires some brain power to play and when battling against friends or family, your brain will be even more raring to conjure up impressive smart-sounding words. (Great for tricking reluctantly home-schooled kids into sharpening their mental faculties, too).   

Pokémon Go

(Photo source: Junkee)
You might be thinking how does this even work considering that this game requires the players to move around outdoors in order to catch the Pokémons. Well, Niantic has been making several changes to the game to keep it playable during social distancing or lockdown, including updating the Adventure Sync so that players can catch Pokémons even while staying indoors.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile

This one’s a Malaysia-only game for now. The mobile version of the console game “Crash Bandicoot” was recently released in the country, probably as a beta test before its global rollout. It’s an endless runner game where the player just has to swipe a finger across the screen to guide Crash as he spins, slides and speeds through the three levels: Turtle Woods, Lost City and Temple Ruins.
(Photo source: SeongJoon Cho | Bloomberg)