The COVID-19 pandemic has got everybody feeling down, even master jokester Google has decided to forgo the April Fool’s fun this year. But sometimes, laughter is exactly what one needs in times like this. Check out the list below to see what fun, harmless pranks you can pull off on your family or housemates this April Fool’s day!

Shake up the salt and pepper shakers

Replace the salt with sugar and vice versa and watch as chaos ensues. Bright side to this, salty coffee or tea could unwittingly create a new menu for everyone to enjoy. 

“Un-suds” the soap

This works on anyone who uses soap in bar form instead of in bottled liquid form. Coat the soap with a layer of clear nail polish and voila! It won’t produce a single bubble no matter how hard you scrub. Make sure that’s not the last bar of soap in the house though, it’s important to wash our hands with soap!

Make some popping appearances

One thing most houses have is so, so many doors. Hide behind any of them and give anyone who opens them a surprise. (Warning: Don’t try on the elderlies in the house – their canes really hurt).

Confuse the technologically challenged

Best played on the older generations. (Young’uns are practically born with smartphones in hands nowadays). “Freeze” their phones’ home screen by changing the wallpaper to one which is a screenshot of their usual home screen, move all their apps to a different pane and watch the fun as they poke at their home screen’s “apps” that will remain mysteriously unresponsive.

Get wrapped up in bubble wrap fun

Instead of using it to wrap and protect stuff, use it to surprise and prank the household. Slip it under a well-traversed rug or carpet and watch as anyone who walks over it get surprised by the “bang!” it makes. Or put it under the toilet seat, that’ll make them jump right off!