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It was announced that the highly anticipated political thriller “Daulat” will be released for free on local video streaming platform, iflix, this 6 April.

“The movie is 100% uncensored – with all the curses and controversial scenes intact!” it was posted on the movie’s official Twitter account.

“Daulat” is touted as Malaysia’s first political thriller, which showcases the reality of the dark world and game of politics that’s full of fraudulence.
Since the teaser trailer was released last year, it has received positive reactions from local movie fans.
The movie stars some of the top names in the local film industry such as Tony Eusoff, Vanidah Imran, Rashidi Ishak, Christina Suzanne, Zul Zamir and Jasmine Suraya.
“Daulat” revolves around MUNA president, Hassan Bana, who decides to elect Suri, his political protégé, as the party’s vice president following its loss during the general election.
Suri is willing to do anything to achieve her goal, including ensuring that MUNA wins at the next election no matter what.
Don’t miss out on watching “Daulat” when it streams exclusively on iflix next Monday!