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Since people always say laughter is the best medicine, then what better way to drive away COVID-19 worries than with big doses of laughter? (We still recommend proper medical assistance though if you are showcasing symptoms).

Joanne Kam, Sharul Channa, Aditi Mittal and Yumi Nagashima sure delivered those big doses of laughter during their recently held comedy special, “Queens of Asia”.

“It takes a pandemic for women to get jobs,” the ladies quipped during the press conference for the show, referring to the fact that the males of the comedy world have decided to forgo events but these ladies were still powering through to bring joy to their fans.

They assured that everyone’s safety was their concern. Hence the provision of hand sanitizers and temperature check during entry to the show as well as double sanitization of the venue, HGH Convention Centre, prior to the show on Friday evening.

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Posing for a pic or two before the press conference.

TheHIVE.Asia spoke to these four funny females about women’s representation in entertainment and all four agreed that it is a good thing that now there are more strong female characters onscreen as role models for girls.

When asked whether acting, which all four of them are quite acquainted with, or doing stand-up comedy was harder, they replied that both were similar, especially since acting is essentially a required skill when it comes to stand-up comedy as well.

The Malaysian leg of their comedy special was successfully held last Friday but the Singaporean show had to be cancelled due to the latest advisories from the Ministry of Health.

No worries though, since these four comedians enjoyed working together so much, chances are fans will get to see them sharing the same stage again in the near future.

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May we see these Queens sharing the stage again soon!