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Due to the widening spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), yet another event has to be postponed to a later – and safer – date.

While late last month organisers assured that MyBalloonFiesta 2020 (a.k.a. Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2020) would still take place from 19 to 22 March in Putrajaya, a recent update unfortunately reveals that the event will not be taking flight this month after all.

“This was a difficult decision for us to make, as the Fiesta is an annual event that is looked forward to by many,” said Puan Nur Izzati Khairudin in a press statement.
The Chief Executive Officer of AKA Balloon Sdn Bhd, the main organiser of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta since 2009, added, “Like the years before this, we had hoped to welcome more than 200,000 visitors over the four-day event. 
“However, after extensive and careful consideration, the current global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has made it impossible at this time to predict the scale of the outbreak during the dates of the event alongside the increasing uncertainty of cross-border movement of visitors, pilots and staff.”
The now-postponed fiesta would’ve included 25 normal and special-shaped balloons from all over the world, but looks like now hot air balloon enthusiasts will have to wait a bit before getting to experience them.
New dates for the fiesta have not been revealed. 
Those who’d purchase their tickets can request for refund via the fiesta’s official website.