Whether you’re being quarantined or staying put at home as ordered by your government due to the COVID-19 outbreak, two weeks (or four in Malaysia’s case, where the Movement Control Order that started on 18 March and was supposed to end on 31 March has been extended to 14 April) of being trapped inside your house can be mind-numbingly dull. To avoid cabin fever from settling in, why not try the fun things below! 

Binge-watch series and/or movies

12Bbinge watch

Now’s the time to catch up with those shows and movies you haven’t had time to watch. You can easily burn at least 90 minutes in one sitting either watching a movie or up to four episodes. If you’re more of a bookworm, this applies too. Look up free e-books hub and just start reading away!

Finish that LEGO building

Stop stepping on them and start stacking them into cool buildings or a Millennium Falcon, whatever strikes your fancy. Well, not just LEGO, this applies to all those little things you never got around to finishing. The scattered jigsaw puzzle, the half-knitted sweater, you have tons of time on your hands to finish them now. 

Let’s get physical, physical!

Though maybe choose a different track (neither Dua Lipa’s or Olivia Newton-John’s song) for a more family-friendly exercise time. The activities in the two points above would usually require plenty of sitting down, so a little more rigorous activity will be needed to balance things out. It’s been proven that exercise releases happy hormones that improve your mood and lower your stress, something you definitely need in this trying time.

Spring clean the whole house


Dancing like a minion optional. We know, we know, cleaning is a chore and chores aren’t usually fun. But you don’t have to go full Marie Kondo, just start throwing out a thing or two or rearranging stuff so everything is more organised. Things can get cluttered real fast now that everyone is home at the same time and not going out anywhere. Your future self will thank you for dealing with the mess now rather than later.

Beat Gordon Ramsay at his game

By that we mean cook. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or for your family (please don’t do this if you’re sick though), now’s the time to unleash your inner chef. Get creative with the limited resources you have, since right now you can’t just make a quick run to the nearest market or grocery store, you’ll have to make do with what your kitchen already has. Create a new dish, a whole new menu, whatever you want! Just keep the profanity to a minimum.
(Photo source: Bon Traveller)