Netizens condemn Bunkface for anti-LGBTQ lyrics, bunkface, lgbt, music, news, punk rock, theHive.Asia
Maybe it’s just a gimmick for more views, maybe it’s their honest opinion. Either way, Malaysian band Bunkface has ruffled some feathers with their latest release, “Akhir Zaman”.

While the posts flooding social media were initially full of praises for the band for “bringing punk rock back” while “bravely voicing out” the issues their home country is facing at the moment, closer inspection reveals that the lyrics to their new song are not so praise-worthy after all.

One particular line draws the most ire, it goes: “LGBT, boleh pergi mampus”.
Translated from Malay to English, the lyrics basically says that the LGBTQ community “can go die”.
This, of course, doesn’t bode well with listeners who do not condone condemning anyone to death just for their sexual orientation.

Netizens are also calling for the mass reporting on YouTube, so that the music video for the song will be taken down from the streaming platform.

“Don’t give them the views. Search “bunkface akhir zaman”, it’s the top result. Click the three dots at the top right of the video to report,” said one netizen.
Bunkface has yet to respond to the controversy.