It’s almost time to bring out the ang pows and firecrackers again! By now, you must be busy cleaning out your house and preparing for the reunion dinner. 2020 being the Year of the Rat, what’s cuter than bringing a mouse-shaped food or two to the dining table?

Can’t imagine how to make a typically pesky rodent look appetising? We’ve compiled below 10 cool food to inspire your inner MasterChef to get cooking! (No real live mice, we promise).

Serve these cookies in a bamboo bowl to complete that CNY feel.
(Photo source: marthastewart.com).
Here’s a refreshing way to beat the heat.
(Photo source: Plumeria Maldives | Trip Advisor).
What’s CNY without a tangerine or two?
(Photo source: The Healthy Mouse).
Rice is a staple food in Asia, now just add some cute mice – not actual ones! – to it for the perfect CNY touch.
(Photo source: Dreamstime.com).
Why not serve some colourful kuih inspired by Disney’s mandarin orange and green tea tart?
(Photo source: Disney Parks | Elite Daily).
Or serve up some dumplings inspired by these mouse-shaped sticky salty dumplings.
(Photo source: Golden Unicorn Restaurant | Foodmento).
This is perfect for the kids! Or anyone with a sweet tooth, really.
(Photo source: leesharing.com).
Spice things up with this spicy cheese mice. Recipe available from Pillsbury.
(Photo source: pillsbury.com).
Here’s one more for Disney fans who also happen to love fruits.
(Photo source: norcaldisneygals’ Instagram).
Plop some eggs on your food. If decorated just nice, they work perfectly as mouse decorations!
(Photo source: Dreamstime.com).